The Brewery Paintball Company Limited - Established 1998 - 15 Years !!

The paintball site is next to the Hop Garden pub on the New Castletown Road. Traveling from Quarterbridge towards Castletown, the Hop Garden is on the left-hand side after the top of Richmond Hill and before reaching the turn off for the Mount Murray Hotel. Turn into the Hop Garden car park and keeping left, go through the gate and follow the lane straight ahead. There’s plenty of parking at the bottom of the lane so please don’t park in the pub car park.


The ideal (and maximum) number of players for a game is 24. A session can be booked for as few as 12 players, although this could mean sharing the site with another group. The more players you have in your group the more likely you are to have the session to yourselves.


Games are normally held at weekends, and there are 2 sessions per day.
The morning session is 9am - 12.30pm. The afternoon session is 12.30 - 4pm.
Organisers need to try and ensure that ALL players are at the site 15 minutes before the session start time, late arrivals will mean the start of the session will be delayed as all players need to be briefed and this cannot be done until all players are present.


Players are divided into 2 groups and will usually stay in their groups for the full session playing against their opponents to gain points by eliminating the other teams players and grabbing flags. In a session we normally play 5 separate games.


There are 2 all inclusive deals :

Standard Deal = 500 Balls at £40

Basic Deal = 200 Balls at £30

Both deals include the following equipment as standard.

One piece light weight all in one camo suit
Thermal ‘anti fog’ goggles
3 Pot pouch (for carrying extra paintballs in)
Paintball marker (gun) and free gas refills if required.

Extra Balls:
Extra balls are available at £6 per 100 balls or £25 for a bag of 500 balls. Most people will buy a bag between a few people if they’ve been particularly trigger happy.

We provide camo coveralls, but you will also need to wear appropriate clothing. The terrain is uneven and in places muddy and can be slippery so sensible footwear is essential. Trainers can be worn, but walking boots or similar are a better choice. Older clothes and not your Sunday best!

Booking & Payments:

Games can be provisionally booked and held for a maximum of 5 days, by which time you will need to collect and pay a £10 deposit for each player space you require. The balance of payments for whichever deal players require must be paid in full at least 2 weeks before your game date.


If you have any other queries please call me on 07624 495875 or Contact us.